Maternity, Children & Young People


The Maternity, Children and Young People (MCYP) SCN steering group has been established.  The group has met four times during 2013/2014 and agreed its work plan priorities for 2014/15 around the Domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework:

Domain 1: Preventing people from dying prematurely

  • Healthy mother, healthy baby:
    This project will focus on management of Diabetes pre-conception: “Are you ready for pregnancy?”
  • Identification of poor fetal growth: Reducing still birth:
    This project will focus on ensuring clinicians have the correct skills to recognise intrauterine growth restriction and actively manage women at risk.

Domain 3: Helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury


  • Reducing Unplanned Hospital Presentations and Improving the Quality of Care for Children and Young People: 
    Comprises four separate work streams focussing on:
    • strengthening the primary and secondary care interface,
    • improving the provision of acute paediatric care by community nurses,
    • embedding service evaluation within large scale systems change
    • developing agreed outcomes indicators and improvement measures
  • Reducing unscheduled anti-natal admissions: 
    This project, supported by the SCN aims is to develop a common pathway for women to reduce inappropriate unscheduled admissions.

The SCN has also working collaboratively with the Clinical Senate, and 8 CCGs, to develop a vision lead model to support maternity service change and delivery across Wessex.


Delivery of service changes to maternity pathways throughout Wessex.

Plans for 2014/15

Launch the reducing avoidable hospital presentations and admissions and improving the quality of care for children and young people programme.